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Don’t you just love the little twist of lemon in your cocktail or when you are gifting a gorgeous fancy box & your ribbon falls so perfectly?
It truly is “in the details” that makes you smile a little wider & your heart grow a little bigger.

Speaking about the beauty industry that I love,  it is just tha. It’s the extras you do for your guests, that curl to the lashes, the finish touch to the Brow arch, the glow on that perfect make up application.
It truly is a business of details.  That warm and fuzzy feeling when we see our guests so thrilled with the extra gestures we lovingly do that make our industry so swoon worthy.

I’ve modelled by world by details and simplicity, from the style of my studio to my Skincare Company @truvibeauty.
I am thrilled to have you follow my story. My goal is to to have at least 1 of our vessels of skincare & Browluxe Products on vanities throughout the globe and helping others along the way.
Stay tuned to read as to how this will happen…

I leave you with this, “Make a tiny mark in your world so that when time has passed your details will always be remembered”.

Truvi Beauty
Simplified Skincare
Beauty Approved

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truvi beauty makeup
New Location:
4315 Drummond Road Suite 3, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6C4
(905) 358-7884
Open for business by appointment only:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays with a dedication to Special Events on the weekends.